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For more than 25 years TMC has supplied leading hotels and Tour Operators with Hotel Entertainment.

Dreaming about a job abroad?

How about trying our new App JobPool. An exciting and easy accessible App, which offers hotel jobs abroad. Try it today!

More about JobPool

​Hello I’m Samuel and I’ve worked in Egypt twice now as a singer on the Desert Rose Showteam. I would absolutely recommend anyone to go for this job, especially if you love going on Holiday and performing every night! If you love the sun, imagine working in abroad. It’s a dream waking up every morning to blue skies and beautiful palm trees. Performing every night on this high quality showteam has been vital in my career and I wouldn’t change it for the world!​

Feeling beyond grateful for Jobpool that I have been able to live my dream job in the sun, whilst exploring and experiencing new places!

Job Pool gave me the most incredible opportunity of working in the sun everyday, making amazing friends and creating beautiful memories! 

​What would you want to be?

Job vacancies 2023​


Qualified Kids Entertainers


Self Contained Acts

Entertainment Managers

All Round Entertainers

Swimming Instructors

Yoga Instructors

Show Team

Sports Entertainers



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​​Welcome to TMC

TMC is a Leading Consultancy company specializing in Hotel Entertainment and Hotel Staff.

​We provide the major Hotel Chains with our concept both in Greece and Cyprus.

For more than 25 years we have been able to provide Quality Hotel Entertainment to our Partners and have also Co-operated with all Leading European Tour Operators such as TUI and Thomas Cook.

TMC Tourist Services is a proud Partner of Jetair. Jetair is a part of The World of Tui.