​Got a question about the job: Salary, Accommodation, Team, Shows? Maybe it’s been answered here!

How much do I get paid?​

​That varies depending on your previous experience and the position you are applying for. You ALSO receive FREE accommodation, 3 FREE Meals a day and soft drinks throughout the daytime and evening as well as a monthly fee.

How do I get paid?

Monthly, into a bank account in Cyprus, or to your bank in your own country or by cheque or cash.

I have bills to pay back home, so I be paid there?

 It’s very easy to send money home, all you need is the bank account name, IBAN and BIC code to make a transfer. Remember you will be paid in Euros, so if you live a country which does not have Euros (UK or Sweden for example), your bank will convert the Euros into your currency.

What other benefits do I get?

FREE Shared accommodation, three FREE meals a day, soft drinks and a refund on your flight ticket.

What is the accommodation like?

It varies from hotel to hotel. Unless you are a Team Leader you’ll be sharing a bedroom. Most of the accommodation is not in the hotel and usually it’s two bedrooms which means up to 4 people could be sharing a bathroom. Accommodation is basic, you’ll have a bed, wardrobe and bedside table. It’s up to you to make it personal, after all you are going to be living there for 6 months!

What, no TV?!!

Normally not, and even if you did it’s all in Greek! Many Entertainers do bring their laptops/tablets so they can watch movies in their break times. There are many ways to access movies nowadays. It’s also a good way to keep in touch via internet, there are many wireless places, many of them free in coffee shops, or even the hotel staff area, however the Hotel is not obliged to provide you with internet so this is an extra bonus if they do.

So how do I get to work if I don’t live in the hotel?

Normally the accommodation is within walking distance. Some Entertainers choose to hire a bicycle, but we don’t recommend you hire a scooter. Accommodation that is not within walking distance the hotel will provide you with transport, either a bicycle, or in some cases, a car to share between the team.

Do I need to bring bed sheets with me?

Not unless you want to. The hotel provides you with bed sheets and towels which are your responsibility to bring back to housekeeping and exchange for new ones. If you do want to bring your own bed sheets, remember most airlines have a 20KG limit.

Is any excess luggage paid for?

No that is your responsibility. You are provided with a polo shirts for both the daytime and evening, you will need to bring a pair of shorts and trousers to go with that, and trainers. However the only other clothes that you need are for your day off and going out! Obviously for dancers dance shoes take up some space but usually airlines allow a couple of extra kilos if you explain you are going to work for 6 months.

How many will be in my team?

Again that varies from hotel to hotel. Most people will be working in a team of 4 or 5, although some hotels require only 1 or 2 Entertainers. And of course there is the team leader who oversees the day to day running of the team.

Who will I be working with?​

Our concept is based around UK holidaymakers but all the hotels we work with are International. This usually means that there will be someone in the team who can communicate with these guests, whether they are from Germany, Russia, Italy, France or Sweden. As a team you will be expected to speak to each other and other staff in English, so if English is not your first language, it's a great way to improve your skills.

I don’t have skills in daytime activities/kids club/evening?

Don’t worry! You will have training and people are hired for different skills. For example: there will be someone mainly in charge of the kids club, although in the busy main season they will need extra help and also on their days off. There will be people strong with sports skills and sound and light experience. There will be performers, singers and dancers. Quite often these Entertainers will join with another hotel once a week for a show. You are all expected to help each other and pass on your knowledge and expertise to your other team members.

I’m a performer, how many shows will I do?

Again this varies from hotel to hotel and also on your skills and experience. Most performers will have three shows a week, some teams may have six shows a week. However we believe in quality not quantity. So if you don’t learn your lyrics or dance routines, new shows will not be rehearsed.

I’d like to develop my own cabaret?

There is also the opportunity for pre and post cabs. This means warming the audience up with a couple of songs or dance routine, and after the show winding the evening down. However this depends on the individual, if you want to put in the extra time to do this and expand your repertoire and experience TMC is there to help you and we have a vast range of backing tracks and routines available.

What shows will I do?

The hotels are international so all our shows bear this in mind. Whether it’s Abba or Musicals or Famous Pop Songs most of the songs are well known. This also makes it easier for you to learn them!

If you’re a singer and successfully chosen to work this summer you’ll be sent all the backing and lyrics tracks to the shows to start learning before the rehearsals.

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