​Why be an Entertainer?

Working as an Entertainer is a fantastic, fun job, if you like to be busy, experience new cultures, meet people from all over Europe and try your hand at something different, this is the job for you! It makes your creative side come out, and gives you responsibility and freedom, a chance to travel in a safe environment and earn some money at the same time!


You'll experience so many new things, not just in work but also on your days off, you'll discover new skills and talents, the sky is your limit!


We hope that the underneath questions will help you to understand more about working as an entertainer, check out our staff page of videos to hear what other young people thought about being an Entertainer!

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What is an Entertainer?

Hoteliers employ a team usually of 5 Entertainers who will supply daytime and evening entertainment to the hotel guests. The object is to increase customer satisfaction and make sure guests have an unforgettable holiday that they will want to tell everyone about back home and on Trip Advisor. When guests say thank you to you on Trip Advisor, the whole world can see what an amazing job you are doing!

What do I do in the daytime?

Got a hobby, or a talent or a skill?

Imagine getting paid to encourage guests to love your hobby as much as you! Whether it's activities like Waterpolo, Archery, or Football, you'll get as many guests as you can involved.

Maybe you're great with children or studying to become a teacher?

Come and work in one of our Kids Clubs and organize lots of fun and exciting activities for the younger guests. Saying goodbye at the end of two weeks, there may be tears, and not only from the Children!

Qualified fitness instructor or just love keeping fit?

We need you! You'll be confident enough to host classes for guests in Yoga, Pilates, Aqua Aerobics, Dance Classes and many more.

Love talking and meeting new people?

​This is definitely the job for you! All our Entertainers will be expected to walk around the pool and "PR" or talk to the guests, making sure Guests know what events are happening and are definitely having a great holiday.

Want to meet people from other countries?

Unlike working for a tour operator where you will work with people only from your own country, TMC is an International Company so you will be able to meet people from all over Europe. Not just the people you work with, but also the guests as well.

What will I do during the evening?

The evening is equally as much fun as the day. You will be expected to host and organize theme nights with audience participation i.e. Karaoke, Tropical Night or Battle of the Sexes.


If you're in one of our show teams, you will also perform specially choreographed shows. This can be anything from Rock 'n' Soul to current pop favourites.

Don't forget the Kids!

Everyone will get involved in the Kids Disco which is on every night before the main event, let your inner child appear as you get to dress up in wacky costumes and forget about everything except having as much fun as possible!

Where will I stay?

The hotel will supply you and your team with accommodation where you will have to share a room with one other team mate. Usually a short walk from the Hotel. Team Leaders will have their own room. You'll have a shared bathroom.​

I don’t have any experience, how does it work?

Over our many years of experience, we have found the best way to learn a new skill is "hands on", this means you will have practical training, working alongside experienced Entertainers and Team Leaders who will show you everything you need to know. Our Consultants will be on hand to offer help, advice and support and during your first month you will learn all necessary skills and shows, which are involved in the job. You will continue to receive supervision and feedback during your time with us. We don't expect you to be amazing at everything, we just ask that you throw yourself in, 100% and let us be the judge. Maybe you have a hidden talent you never knew about!

Do I have to be able to sing and dance?

Some hotels we do need people who can sing and dance, but the most important quality of being a good entertainer is to have an outgoing personality and enjoy working with people. you must have confidence to try new areas of talents and not be shy.

Do I have to speak a language?

You must be able to communicate in English. As we said, we are an International Company working in International Hotels, so we need people who can communicate with the guests. The main languages, are Russian, German, Swedish and French.

How long does a season last?

Normally an Entertainer is contracted from beginning of May until the end of October. However some hotels may start as early as March. We also have the option of having shorter contracts of 3 months as well during this time.

What are my working hours?

You will be working six days a week with 8 hours a day, split into 3 shifts, morning, afternoon and evening. This may seem like a lot of hours, but when you're being paid to talk, be in the sunshine and have fun with guests on holiday, the time flies by. Sometimes we have to remind our Entertainers to go and have a break, they are having such a great time with the Guests!

​Got any questions?

Give us a call +45 20995915 or drop us a mail thomas@tmc247.com

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