Company history

We at TMC Tourist Services would like to take this opportunity to thank you for showing an interest in our company. We hope that we may be able to offer you one of the many positions that is available through our company and that we can help you to understand the very product that we offer to our clients.

TMC Tourist Services

TMC Tourist Services is a consultancy company based in Denmark with 20 years of experience in providing Hotels with Hotel entertainment. Representing more than 25 Hotels in Cyprus, Greece and Spain TMC has proven to be one of Europe’s leading entertainments consultancies. The increasing demands from the average holidaymaker for a more active and entertaining holiday, has enabled TMC to create the product to meet these demands. This has been done by collecting the creative ideas through its Supervisors over the past 15 years and thereby forming the concept known today as “THE WORLD OF HOTEL ENTERTAINMENT ACCORDING TO TMC” This concept is today a licensed product and the sole property of TMC.

Analysis of a clients individual needs

TMC believes that that it is important to understand the needs and demands of each of its individual customers. Only by an analysis and understanding of these needs, TMC is able to offer the quality product it represents. Obviously for Hoteliers, there are different entertainment requirements, depending on size, location, facilities, star rating and nationalities of guests, etc

Permanent Consultancy Service

What makes us different from other companies in the supply of Hotel Entertainment is that we provide the Hotels with PERMANENT CONSULTANCY SERVICE (PCS). This is one of the fundamental reasons behind the success of our company. Basically it means that a consultant will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for support and know-how in the Resort. They will help supervise the teams and hoteliers during the times of arising difficulties. 

They also make sure that the TMC programme is implemented in the Hotel according to TMC specifications.The role of the consultant will also be to develop the entertainments programme throughout the season by giving fresh ideas to the entertainers by assisiting them with their activities and shows. The consultants are also responsible for the training course held for the entertainer, where they pass on their knowledge in dancing, singing, sound and light craft, children entertainment, sports and guest relations.​


TMC believes the road to success in Hotel Entertainment lies in the ever so difficult stages of staff recruitment. Unlike other Entertainment Companies TMC invests more time in the task of recruiting suitable candidates for its clients. Each year TMC recruits the finest entertainers from all over the world, as far away as Moscow, Berlin, Belgrade and Stockholm.

T.M.C. Company History

As with any progressive company TMC started with 15 entertainers in 1996 and built upon both our product and the individuals to become the thriving company we are today. To do this we have had to regularly improve our product, and concept. New shows and theme nights, fresh ideas for the daytime entertainment, etc. This has been done by a creative consultancy Team that remains the pure structure of TMC.​

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​​Welcome to TMC

TMC is a Leading Consultancy company specializing in Hotel Entertainment and Hotel Staff.

​We provide the major Hotel Chains with our concept both in Greece and Cyprus.

For more than 25 years we have been able to provide Quality Hotel Entertainment to our Partners and have also Co-operated with all Leading European Tour Operators such as TUI and Thomas Cook.

TMC Tourist Services is a proud Partner of Jetair. Jetair is a part of The World of Tui.